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VesselsValue shifts into fifth gear with launch of new Vehicle Carrier values

VesselsValue (VV) has broken into yet another ocean going sector with the launch of automated valuations for Vehicle Carriers. With a relatively small fleet that carries high value commodities, VV considers this an important and highly valuable sector, continually needed by countries that do not manufacture cars themselves.

Daily updated current and historical values back to 2012 are available for the following asset classes:

LCTCs (Large Car Truck Carrier)
PCTSs (Pure Car Truck Carriers)
PCCs (Pure Car Carrier)

The fleet currently comprises 831 live and on order vessels (as of 9th September 2019).

The new service, which has gone live this month, has been tried and tested by a global panel of active market participants, including owners and other industry professionals from prominent countries like Norway, Japan and South Korea.

“It is a sector we simply could not ignore any longer and the addition of this full set of valuations brings us one step closer to our ultimate goal, which is to value everything,” says Commercial Director, Matthew Freeman.

VV has spent the past 12 months collating and verifying the commercial and fleet databases for vehicle carriers that underpin the automated valuation service.

“With just over 830 vessels live and on order, the Vehicle Carrier fleet is small when compared to other sectors, though highly valuable. Data points and commercial information can be hard to come by. However, through utilising our model which has developed to adapt to the liquidity of the sector in question, we have been able to successfully include accurate values for this ship type to our portfolio, which we believe is testament to the capabilities of automated valuation when experience and expertise are applied,” says Freeman.

In addition to Market Values, VV offers Demolition, Replacement and Fixed Aged Values, giving interested parties a wider perspective on the value of their assets today, as well as historically. Fixed Age Analysis will look at how vessels of exactly the same age and specification have performed over time, thus giving instant overview and insight to even the experienced industry insider.

VV is also working on producing Discounted Cash Flow valuations for this type which should help demonstrate long term upsides to market participants and investors.

“This really is a niche sector and therefore special attention must be paid to features such as CEU, number of decks, liftable decks, stern ramps, side ramps etc in order to value these assets accurately.”
Source: VesselsValue (VV)

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