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Vodafone Greece Presents Innovative IoT Solutions For The Shipping Sector And The “BLUE Economy” At Posidonia 2018

Vodafone Greece will present modern, innovative Internet of Things (IoT) services that meet the needs of maritime industry and offer unique solutions to key sectors of the “blue economy” at Posidonia 2018, the world’s leading sea-going shipping exhibition.

With the strategic goal of providing state-of-the-art technology services to help shipping businesses become more competitive and digitize their operations, Vodafone is expanding its partnership with leading companies from different industries, so as to provide vertically integrated solutions into the market.

Vodafone Greece partners up with SetelHellas, a specialized, and market – established IoT solutions provider for the Maritime Industry. With a broad set of Maritime Apps, Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), Business Insight and Analytics, Automation and Advanced Communication as an integral part of its sensor-based Performance Monitoring offering; the company’s innovative approach offers remarkable new capabilities and ultimate value in a connected world.

The maritime industry will be able to benefit from this digital technology and services at a monthly fee from Vodafone, as it does for other services already supplied.

Moreover, Vodafone Greece also cooperates with Ericsson and offers a new IoT service that allows all marina management organizations to fully exploit their infrastructure.

More specifically, the new solution offers marina operators an interactive on-line dashboard to control the availability of berths, which, utilizing Ericsson’s Internet of Things platform, IoT Accelerator and specialized Artificial Intelligence (AI) image processing algorithms, collects images from security cameras and offers a live digitized visualization of the state of the marina infrastructure.

Thus, each organization automatically knows which yacht enters or leaves the marina and can thus charge its owner for the time spent there, while also being alert of any incident occurring in the area. In this manner, and taking advantage of this system’s capacities, the marina itself will be able to offer new added value services to its customers.

Furthermore, Vodafone Greece is also cooperating with Lalizas, an international leader in marine safety, and provides a new, innovative service that allows fishing boats to track their longline accurately. Today, most fishing boats simply store the point of the longline deployment on their GPS, to meet this need. However, very often a longline drifts off for various reasons, requiring time and fuel consumption to retrieve it.

Through its partnership with Lalizas, Vodafone provides an integrated service with a watertight tracker fixed at the longline, with a special SIM card in it that allows fishermen to know a longline’s actual current location through a simple mobile application.

Ms. Katia Stathaki, Vodafone Greece Enterprise commercial director commented: “The worldwide footprint of Vodafone’s networks and the active support of our top partners enable us to commercially offer new, innovative solutions based on the Internet of Things that cover in an integrated manner pressing needs of both the commercial and the seagoing shipping, as well as the ‘blue economy’. We are proud to provide new generation services to greek shipping, which plays a leading role in the international economy and recognizes Vodafone as an innovative provider of the most advanced technologies. Through IoT, one of the cutting edge technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution, businesses and professionals alike can gain a competitive edge while saving rare resources and precious time.”
Source: Vodafone Greece

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