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Weekly Vessel Valuations Report, April 18 2023

Bulkers: Bulker values have remained stable

Panamax Ultra Panache (78,500 DWT, Feb 2011, Sanoyas) sold to undisclosed buyers for USD 20.00 mil, VV Value USD 20.31 mil – BWTS.

Ultramax Global Royal (61,200 DWT, Mar 2022, Dalian COSCO KHI) sold to unknown Greek buyers for USD 34.25 mil, VV Value USD 33.62 mil – BWTS.

Supramax Newport Eagle, Sankaty Eagle and Montauk Eagle (58,000 DWT, Apr-Dec 2011, Yangzhou Dayang Shipbuilding) sold to undisclosed buyers in an en bloc deal for USD 48.00 mil, VV Value USD 50.01 mil – BWTS.

Supramax Roslyn (57,000 DWT, Oct 2009, Qingshan Shipyard) sold to undisclosed buyers for USD 14.00 mil, VV Value USD 13.07 mil – SS/DD Passed.

Handy BC (Open Hatch) Black Forest (32,800 DWT, Aug 2003, Kanda) sold to unknown Chinese buyers for USD 8.90 mil, VV Value USD 9.96 mil – SS/DD Due.

Handy BC (Open Hatch) Lady Laura (31,900 DWT, Aug 2008, Hakodate Dock) sold to undisclosed buyers for USD 11.80 mil, VV Value USD 12.80 mil – SS/DD Due.

Tankers: Older Suezmax values have continued to soften, following last weeks sales of Ridgebury Elizabeth B and Ridgebury Lessley B. On the contrary, MR values have firmed

MR2 Di Matteo (46,600 DWT, Oct 2009, Naikai Setoda) sold to undisclosed buyers for USD 24.00 mil, VV Value USD 23.01 mil – BWTS.

Containers: Post Panamax values are expected to soften, as a result of MSCs new purchase of Lisbon. All other values have remained stable

Post Panamax Lisbon (6,078 TEU, May 2003, Hanjin Heavy Ind) sold to MSC for USD 22.50 mil, VV Value USD 27.86 mil – SS Due.

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