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Weekly Vessel Valuations Report, August 17 2021

Tanker:  Tanker values have remained stable.

LR1s Cabo Kamui and Cabo Misaki (74,200 DWT, Nov 2016 & Mar 2017, Sungdong) sold to Ultratank in an en bloc deal for USD 63.00 mil, VV en bloc value USD 60.11 mil – SS Due.

Small Clean Tanker Tiger Singapore (13,000 DWT, Mar 2009, 21st Century) sold to Chinese buyers for USD 6.00 mil, VV value USD 6.35 mil.

Bulker:  Bulker values have remained stable.

Capesize Yumetamou (181,400 DWT, Mar 2012, Koyo Dock) sold to Safe Bulkers for USD 32.30 mil VV value USD 32.71 mil – BBHP 1yr.

Panamax Lemessos Queen (76,600 DWT, Oct 2008, Imabari) sold to Middle Eastern buyers for USD 18.80 mil VV value USD 17.80 mil – BWTS fitted.

Ultramax Nord Peak (61,600 DWT, Mar 2011, Oshima) sold to Hong Kong buyers for USD 22.50 mil VV value USD 21.55 mil – SS Passed, BWTS fitted.

Ultramax Santa Barbara (61,400 DWT, Jan 2013, Iwagi Zosen) sold to Vietnamese buyers for USD 24.50 mil VV value USD 23.22 mil – BWTS fitted.

Handy Bulker Glorious Saiki (37,200 DWT, Jul 2012, Saiki) sold to Taylor Maritime for USD 17.00 mil VV value USD 17.88 mil.

Container:  Container values have firmed.

Handy container Gerrit Braren (1,682 TEU, May 2006, Wadan Yards MTW) sold to X-Press Feeders for USD 25.00 mil, VV value USD 20.83 mil.

Handy container Jett (1,306 TEU, Jun 2007, Jinling Shipyard Weihai) sold to Israeli interests for USD 19.25 mil, VV Value USD 14.36 mil.

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