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Weekly Vessel Valuations Report, February 18 2020

Tanker: VLCC values have softened slightly.

VLCCs Hull 5473, Hull 5474 and Hull 5475 (320,000 DWT, Oct 2020 – Jan 2021, Daewoo) sold to Euronav in an en bloc deal for USD 280.50 mil, VV en bloc value USD 290.43 mil.

VLCC Astipalaia (306,000 DWT, May 2001, Daewoo) sold to Modec Inc for USD 26.50 mil, VV value USD 25.37 mil – For Conversion.

Aframax FSL Shanghai (115,000 DWT, Nov 2007, Samsung) sold to Performance Shipping for USD 25.75 mil, VV value USD 23.70 mil – DD Passed Feb.

Small Clean Tanker Rio Daytona (13,000 DWT, Feb 2010, STX Offshore) sold for USD 6.00 mil, VV value USD 8.85 mil – SS/DD Due.

Bulker: Bulker values have softened slightly.

Panamax Alam Padu (87,100 DWT, Apr 2005, IHI) sold to Wooyang Shipping for USD 10.40 mil, VV value USD 9.85 mil.

Panamax SBI Lynx (82,000 DWT, Jun 2018, Jiangsu New Yangzijiang) and Ultramaxes SBI Achilles (61,300 DWT, Jan 2016, I-S) and SBI Cronos (61,000 DWT, Oct 2015, I-S) sold to Ocean Yield ASA in an en bloc deal for USD 62.80 mil, VV en bloc value USD 63.93 mil – BBB.

Panamax Wooyang Queen (71,300 DWT, Jul 1997, Namura) sold for USD 4.50 mil, VV value USD 4.00 mil – DD Due.

Ultramax White Hawk (61,300 DWT, Apr 2012 Oshima) sold to Greek buyers for USD 15.80 mil, VV value USD 16.22 mil.

Supramax Cygnus Ocean (58,600 DWT, Jan 2013, Nantong COSCO KHI) sold for USD 13.25 mil, VV value USD 14.20 mil – SS Due.

Handy Bulker Happy Venture (28,600 DWT, Sep 1996, Hudong Zhonghua) sold to Feng Sea Shipping for USD 3.18 mil, VV value USD 2.98 mil.

Container: Container values have softened slightly.

Sub Panamaxes MS Hawk and MS Eagle (2,824 TEU, Mar & Apr 2007, Hyundai Mipo) sold in an en bloc deal for USD 19.50 mil, VV en bloc value USD 16.20 mil – Including Charters.

Feedermax BFP Galaxy (977 TEU, Oct 1997, Ast Barreras) sold to Middle Eastern buyers for USD 2.10 mil, VV value USD 2.35 mil.

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