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Weekly Vessel Valuations Report, May 25 2021

Tanker: Tanker values have remained stable.

VLCCs Hull 3240, Hull 3241, Hull 3283, Hull 3284, Hull 3285 and Hull 3286 (299,200 DWT, Mar 2022 – Jan 2023, Hyundai Heavy Ind) sold to Frontline in an en bloc deal for USD 565.80 mil, VV en bloc value USD 559.07 mil – Resale.

LR1 Madison (74,600 DWT, Oct 2010, Hyundai Mipo) sold to Hayfin Capital Management for USD 18.60 mil, VV value USD 18.88 mil – BWTS Fitted.

MR2 Maersk Miyajima (47,400 DWT, Sep 2011, Iwagi Zosen) sold to Vitaco for USD 16.40 mil, VV value USD 15.82 mil – BWTS Fitted.

Bulker:  Smaller tonnage have firmed.

Capesize Australia Maru (181,400 DWT, Sep 2012, Koyo Dock) sold to Greek buyers for USD 33.50 mil, VV value USD 33.56 mil – SS Due, BWTS and Scrubber fitted.

Panamax Ioanna L (81,800 DWT, Sept 2017, Tsuneishi Zhoushan) sold to German buyers for USD 29.50 mil, VV value USD 30.02 mil – BWTS fitted.

Ultramax GH Seabird (63,600 DWT, Aug 2016, Zhejiang East Coast Shipbuilding) sold to Costamare for USD 21.50 mil, VV value USD 22.92 mil – SS due, BWTS fitted.

Handy Bulker Dry Beam Neo (38,200 DWT, Dec 2019, Shin Kochi) sold for USD 23.80 mil, VV value USD 24.96 mil.

Handy Bulkers Orient Adventure (33,800 DWT, Jan 2011, Samjin Shipbuilding) and Orient Alliance (33,500 DWT, Jan 2012, Samjin Shipbuilding) sold in an en bloc deal for USD 20.50 mil, VV en bloc value USD 20.05 mil.

Container: Panamax and Handy values have firmed.

Sub Panamax Nordmaple (2,500 TEU, Jul 2018, Jinling Shipyard Weihai) sold to Marfret for USD 32.50 mil, VV value USD 32.71 mil – DD Due.

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