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Weekly Vessel Valuations Report, October 16 2018

Bulkers: Capesize and Handy values have remained stable, with slight softening in Panamax and Supramax tonnage.

Capesize Bulk Asia (181,400 DWT, Jul 2014, Koyo Dock) sold to Eastern Pacific Shipping for USD 40.5 mil, VV Value 39.68 mil.

Post Panamax Ikan Kedewas (88,300 DWT, Sep 2006, Imabari) sold to Minoa Marine for USD 12.5 mil, VV Value USD 12.87 mil. Buyer waived inspection.

Panamax New Herald (72,900 DWT, Sep 1997, Daedong) sold for USD 5.0 mil, VV Value USD 5.98 mil.

Supramax Indigo Evolution (55,600 DWT, Oct 2010, Mitsui Ichihara) sold for USD 15.5 mil, VV Value USD 15.87 mil.

Handy BC Voula Seas (28,500 DWT, Jun 2002, Kanda) was sold for USD 6.5 mil, VV Value USD 6.41 mil.

Tankers: VLCC and Suezmax values have remained stable this week. There has been a slight firming in mid age Aframaxes and LR1 tanker values whilst modern MR tanker values have also firmed.

MR High Enterprise (46,000 DWT, Mar 2009, Shin Kurushima Ujina) was sold for USD 14.2 mil to Transocean, VV Value USD 14.75 mil.

Containers: Modern Post Panamax and Panamax tonnage has firmed.

Post Panamax NYK Aphrodite (6,492 TEU, Apr 2003, IHI) sold for USD 13 mil, VV value USD 12.99 mil.

The en bloc deal of 3 Panamax and 2 Sub Panamax container vessels sold to Minsheng Financial Leasing for a price of USD 88.9 mil. The vessels included Kota Karim (3,081 TEU, June 2006, Shin Kurushima), Kota Lawa (4,253 TEU, Dec 2008, Dalian Shipbuilding), Kota Lihat (4,335 TEU, Jun 2013, Dalian Shipbuilding), Kota Gabung (2,754 TEU, Mar 2013, Hyundai Mipo), Kota Gaya (2,754 TEU, Nov 2012, Hyundai Mipo).

The en bloc deal of 3 Feedermax container vessels sold to Pacific and Atlantic Corp for a price of USD 19.5mil. The vessels included Formosa Container No 5 (1,080 TEU, May 2006, Yangzhou Dayang), FPMC Container 9 (1,114 TEU, Dec 2009, Qingshan Shipyard) and FPMC Container 10 (1,114 TEU, Aug 2009, Qingshan Shipyard).

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