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What’s Behind Human Error?

IMarEST TV recording of the 4 July 2018 webcast presented by the IMarEST Human Element Working Group at IMarEST HQ, in London.

The IMarEST’s Human Element Working Group explain ‘What’s Behind Human Error’, what the SIG is working on and where you can get more information via the new Human Element SIG website.

There is a saying in accident investigation that ‘when the cause is identified as human error the investigation has just started’. Unfortunately, many investigations and indeed the media stop the investigation when someone is found to blame. There are many things behind human error as industries like the airline industry have found. The most obvious relate to the individual and whether they are fatigued, worried, overworked, in a difficult environment or even just not properly trained and prepared for their job. The individual is part of an organisation. It is the leadership of the organisations job to create the right culture, ensure the resources are available and to provide the management systems and tools to make the organisation work. Often equipment is not designed for easy operation, especially when automation fails and the equipment is operated manually. We often forget that, in many cases, the only reasons complex ships work in a complex environment is because of the people aboard.

1. Martin Shaw FIMarEST, Chairman of the HEWG and Managing Director, Marine Operations and Assurance Management Solutions Ltd
2. Claire Pekcan, Director, Safe Marine Ltd
3. Vaughan Pomeroy FIMarEST

Source: The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST)

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