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Windward Launches API Insights Lab Enabling Partners and Customers to Power Their Solutions with Maritime AI™

Windward (LSE: WNWD), the leading Maritime AI™ company, announced today the launch of its API Insights Lab. The Lab enables customers and partners to integrate Windward’s Maritime AI™ directly into internal systems to enhance solutions, processes, and workflows with customized insights to fit their unique needs and risk appetite. The Insights Lab includes the full Maritime AI™ Insights Catalog and the following off-the-shelf API packages: Due Diligence and Compliance, Ocean Freight Visibility (OFV), Homeland Security, and Behavioral Analysis.

The APIs utilize advanced GraphQL technology that enables users to integrate them with minimal effort and time, and easily receive the exact Windward data analysis they need to complete their due diligence and investigation processes.

The API Insights Lab allows customers and partners to explore Windward’s Insights Catalog and choose any API or dataset they want, creating their own bundle of Maritime AI™ insights. The Catalog includes insights related to areas of interest, vessel behavior, maritime and non-maritime companies, and shipment risk levels. This empowers users to optimize their workflows and decision-making processes with AI-driven insights and automatic push notifications in real-time. Solution providers can also partner with Windward to build applications for their clients, utilizing Windward’s unique and valuable data and insights.

Windward also offers off-the-shelf API packages that include the company’s insights bundled together to cater to specific sectors and workflows. The Due Diligence & Compliance package provides compliance risk recommendations, enriching existing due diligence and vetting processes, improving efficiency. The OFV package empowers customers to accurately track ocean container shipments with Maritime AI™ ETA Predictions and receive constant updates on status changes and risk of delay.

The Behavioral Analysis package delivers both historical and recent vessel data in a single response, along with customized, automatic alerts, so users can track behavioral changes over time. The Homeland Security package provides law enforcement agencies with data and alerts regarding vessel behavior, allowing them to stay on top of patterns and discover new leads based on anomalous behavior and geographical relevancy.

“With the launch of our API Insights Lab, we are empowering our partners and customers to build their own bespoke solutions and workflows with best-in-class Maritime AI™ insights,” said Ami Daniel, Co-Founder and CEO of Windward. “We already see customers using our APIs for a variety of use cases, including a leading energy company that customized our compliance risk scores and integrated them into their IT platform, and a digital freight solution provider that partnered with us to enhance its platform by providing visibility and predictability of their shipments to all their users. We are proud to give our clients the power of Maritime AI™ in their own domain – enabling them and their customers to make decisions better, faster, and with confidence.”
Source: Windward

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