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Wisdom Announces the Future of Maritime Solutions Summit in Partnership With the Port of Gdansk Authority, Featuring Excellent Industry Discussions and an Exclusive Site Visit

Wisdom is back with its much-awaited physical events and has proudly announced the Future of Maritime Solutions Summit, to be held in person on 21 – 22 September 2022 at Gdansk, Poland. The conference’s theme will be ‘Integrating key strategies and technologies with a long-term decarbonisation agenda’.

The summit plays an integral role in bringing the traditional ports and maritime community together and connecting industry leaders worldwide whilst facilitating thought-provoking conversations that drive the maritime industry towards an innovative future.
The event will welcome some of the biggest names in the industry to discuss the maritime community’s efforts to achieve a carbon-neutral future and to embrace, adopt, and deploy existing and upcoming solutions, fuel alternatives, and technologies with practical and realistic planning.
It also features an exclusive site visit to the Port of Gdansk Authority on 20 September 2022, along with an awards night on 21 September to honour the greatest innovations and breakthroughs.

The site visit, to be hosted by their official partner the Port of Gdansk Authority, will be a bonus opportunity for the attendees to interact with the port representatives in person and widen their knowledge and network.

The two-day physical event will provide a holistic insight into the future of maritime supply chain operations and interconnections between its players.

The Future of Maritime Solutions Summit will feature case studies, panel discussions and sessions based on industry research. Participants will discuss prospects for the maritime industry and its key directions, supply chains, port digitalisation and examples of port strategies for decarbonisation and infrastructure innovation.

Key Topics:
• Rethinking realistic strategy towards maritime decarbonisation: ports, operators and shipping perspectives
• Working together with supply chain players towards business sustainability, competitiveness and innovation
• Analysing the most efficient solutions from the life cycle perspective: pros and cons of traditional and alternative fuels
• Practical and clear implementations of existing and future maritime regulations, standards and targets
• Evaluating the cost of business transformation: optimising investment schemes, needs, and solutions
• Evaluating Reinvention Framework: upgrading and rebuilding brands with IT and AI solutions
• Making the most of traditional and alternative solutions: integrating fuels with technology and onboard maintenance
• Port Digitalisation: making the most of the cutting edge technologies accelerating ports’ operation flow
• Global examples of ports’ strategy towards decarbonisation and infrastructure innovation

The two-day event will count on 4 advisory members and 20+ expert speakers from leading global organisations like COSCO SHIPPING LNG Investment (Shanghai), European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO), Port of Gdansk Authority, APM Terminals, SOLVANG ASA, Port of Amsterdam, Port of Hamburg Authority, European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), IMO, Baltic Ports Organisation, Port of Newcastle, European Commission, and many more.

The summit will offer remarkable opportunities to understand the perspectives of port authorities, operators, shipping companies, and other important players, and gather crucial knowledge and understanding to implement key strategies and technologies.

The event is sponsored by Cryocan and International Maritime Industries.
Source: Wisdom Events

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