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YANMAR Commits to a Low Carbon Future that Redefines the Boating Experience

As the drive towards decarbonization in the marine sector intensifies, Floris Lettinga, Director of Sales and Marketing, YANMAR Marine International, explains how the company’s deep legacy of sustainability is inspiring a vision which unites greener solutions with enhanced time on the water for its customers

Leading supplier of technology-driven engines and marine propulsion systems YANMAR Marine International is committed to contributing to decarbonization on the water, joining a collective resolve increasingly evident in the marine industry.

Floris Lettinga, Director of Sales and Marketing, YANMAR Marine International (YMI), and a keen boater with his family, explains how the unique history and founding spirit of sustainability of his company is under-pinning its strategy to move towards greener solutions and harness the full potential of electrification, hybridization, and energy efficiency and optimalization.

Floris Lettinga, YANMAR Marine International

As YMI strives to meet today’s environmental challenges, Floris also believes it is the perfect time and opportunity to transform YANMAR’s propulsion and technology capabilities to meet the needs of its customers and fulfil the appetite among current and next generation boaters for life-affirming experiences and adventure.

Floris Lettinga said: “We all understand or feel the pressure to look after our planet, to think in terms of sustainability and to make a contribution to decarbonization.

“At YMI, there has been a deep commitment to innovation and sustainability since our founding, and we believe it is our role to help our customers achieve their goals towards carbon neutrality on the water.

“Our focus is to build solutions towards decarbonization, developing products and systems which are emitting less CO2. Nobody can present a plug-and-play product road map for the next 10 years because we are depending on technology, legislation and many other things. What we can do as a company is share our ambition.

“YANMAR’s founder said that we are grateful to serve for a better world. We are constantly working towards the company’s four visions of an energy-saving society, a society where people can work and live with peace of mind, a society where people can enjoy safe and plentiful food, and a society that offers an exciting life filled with rich and fulfilling experiences.

“We are a family-owned company with a long-term vision, driven by company values and giving back to society. We will develop solutions in such a way that there is a minimum CO2footprint, while considering energy optimalization and efficiency.”

A Boating Revolution

“YANMAR Marine is committed to developing sustainable solutions to suit both our customers and the environment,” continued Floris. “We all understand that recreational boating is an important way to relax and to gain experiences in life. YMI want people to value their leisure and working time on the water, but in a sustainable manner.

“YANMAR is therefore committed to building solutions which have the minimum environmental footprint. However, our aim is to face this challenge and also accept the opportunity to change boating and redefine leisure time. We are developing technology solutions, such as low carbon fuel adaptation, with a vision for energy to be used in a different way to provide a new level of excitement, experience and comfort onboard.

YANMAR – YMI highlights sustainability commitment

“YMI’s Energy Transition Strategy is focused on hybridization, electrification, and energy efficiency and optimalization. We are exploring many new initiatives and technologies in terms of low carbon fuels, with both our sail and powerboat engines now compatible with HVOs. Electrification is also a key element of our transition, with the new e-saildrive concept entering the test phase.

“Our proven reputation in developing clean, efficient diesel engines which exceed emission targets is well-established. We are now committed to continuing this legacy of innovation and sustainability with future propulsion solutions that will meet our customers’ values and carbon goals, while enhancing and facilitating leisure and working time on the water.”

YMI’s new strategy operates in coordination with the YANMAR GREEN CHALLENGE 2050, an ambitious company-wide goal to fundamentally transform its business by eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and harmful substances in all activities, manufacturing, and products by 2050.
Source: YANMAR Marine International

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