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ZE PowerGroup and Baltic Exchange Announce New Strategic Partnership to Expand Global Shipping Data Offerings

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) and Baltic Exchange have entered into a new strategic partnership that will allow the two organizations to collaborate and share data on the global maritime market. The partnership will allow ZE PowerGroup to broaden global shipping data offerings and deliver further vital data sets to clients in the energy and commodities sectors. The partnership is in line with ZE’s growth strategy to continue expanding the availability of data sources to its existing data ecosystem.

ZE, the leader in end-to-end data management and analytics solutions for energy and commodities, is widely recognized as having the widest data coverage. ZEMA avails over 1,100 unique data sources and over 13,000 data reports. Its award-winning platform, ZEMA™, allows clients to access large volumes of data to allow a wide range of analytic, visualization, reporting, integration, and business automation tasks. Historically, ZE works in collaboration with renowned organizations around the world to ensure that market participants have access to the most cohesive set of data available. These data partners include exchanges, publishers, brokers, and a variety of other public and private vendors.

Baltic Exchange is the latest to join ZE’s ecosystem of data partners. A leader in the global maritime market, Baltic Exchange offers vital data on critical indicators such as the Baltic Dry Index (BDI), the Freightos Baltic Global Container Index (FBX), the Baltic Clean Tanker Index (BCTI), the Baltic Dirty Tanker Index (BDTI), and more.

The data made available by Baltic Exchange has proven critical to companies in their operational, trading and risk activities. The data supports ascertaining market movement, predicting prices, monitoring global economic activity, and predicting market performance.

Mark Jackson, CEO at Baltic Exchange, said, “We are thrilled to be collaborating with a leading data management and analytics firm such as ZE. Baltic Exchange prides itself on being the leading provider of global maritime data. We expect our partnership with ZE to widen the availability of our data to benefit energy traders, shipbrokers, freight companies, and charterers around the globe.”

Aiman El-Ramly, Chief Business Officer at ZE PowerGroup, also spoke about the partnership and said, “We are very excited about partnering with Baltic Exchange. Baltic Exchange is an important source of market data that is integral to the operation of many companies. By partnering with Baltic Exchange, ZE PowerGroup can provide its clients with accurate and time-sensitive data on the world’s largest physical market and facilitate essential decision-making processes.”
Source: ZE PowerGroup

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