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Zycraft announces use of LIDAR for counter piracy operations

Zycraft USV PL today announced that it has successfully tested the use of a Hesai Technology 128 channels LiDAR sensor for the purpose of counter piracy operations at sea. Unlike other sensors, the LIDAR uses laser beams of light to detect objects. With the LIDAR, very small objects like a rope on the water can be detected even under difficult weather conditions. The LIDAR system tested can see beyond 250 meters and provide 360 degree all round coverage. Against typical piracy boats of size 8 m length, the LIDAR can easily see these to the maximum performance range. As these boats move, the wake created by these boats makes detection even clearer and easier to classify its intentions and its trajectory. The wake trajectory of the pirate boat further enhances the response by the security vessel. There is virtually no false alarm even in rough seas as the system can be easily adjusted onboard to deal with this.

Zycraft uses its proprietary real time detection software to classify the LIDAR detection and to alert an operator to the presence of small craft approaching the vessel. James Soon, Zycraft’s General Manager says, “that the company tested a LIDAR system and decided it was far superior to any other sensor that had previously been used in its maritime security operations. Radar and infra-red cameras are too sensitive to environmental conditions and also depends on the target signature. The clarity of the LIDAR detection and its absence of false alarm means that any alert can now be seriously taken. Training of operators is also a lot simpler as the image is so clear” SOON added that when Zycraft is called upon for Search and Rescue(SAR) missions or Salvage Assessment, he is confident that LIDAR is the only system that can provide a high probability of detecting someone floating on the surface of the water at a long range. This means that the SAR operations will be more effective and enhance the chances of rescuing someone alive.

Zycraft will now create different maritime solutions that integrates the use of LIDAR for both manned and unmanned applications and help improve the safety of navigation at sea. Zycraft (Zycraft USV Pte. Ltd.), is a company registered in Singapore, and specialises in the design and manufacture of Unmanned Surface Vessels and special high speed manned boats. The company also develops unique total security and fast response solutions for the maritime industry to counter the threat of piracy, sea theft and search and rescue.
Source: Zycraft

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