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Cruise Industry Takes Care Of The Environment And Invest Heavily In Monitoring Equipment For Cruise Ships

Sustainability was an important topic at the Seatrade Cruise Global conference in Florida last week, where it was clear that cruise industry is making a great effort to comply with regulations on emissions of, among other things, exhaust gases. The industry takes great environmental considerations and is far better than its reputation, according to Green Instruments, which is experiencing great interest in equipment that contributes to more sustainable cruise voyages.

Cruise tourism has long been associated with environmental concerns, due to, among others, the perceived lack of priority given by cruise industry to comply with environmental regulations. However, the recent Seatrade Cruise Global conference in Florida revealed a different picture, as cruise industry is now placing significant emphasis on environmental sustainability. The conference featured several debates on decarbonization with alternate fuels, shorepower, and energy efficiency in the name of global sustainability, highlighting the growing importance of this issue in the industry. This trend is also reflected in the efforts of companies like Green Instruments, which specialize in technologies for emission control, water and exhaust gas monitoring, leakage monitoring, and energy optimization to promote more sustainable and safe ship operations.

Green Instruments’ Florida department has specialized in solutions for cruise ships. The company estimates that 75-80 percent of all large cruise ships have Green Instruments equipment on board, and in recent years, fleet agreements have been entered into with several large players in the industry.

“Cruise industry is increasingly taking their responsibilities seriously, and sustainability has truly become an important part of the agenda in the cruise industry. That is why the topic was a very important part of the debates at Seatrade Cruise Global. We can clearly see that cruise industry has a great interest in equipment that, for example, can monitor emissions from the ships’ smokestacks,” says Jeppe K. Moller, who is President of Green Instruments in Florida, and he continues:

“Authorities are making far greater demands on cruise industry than in the past, and we are convinced that regulations will be tightened further in the coming years, regardless of where in the world the cruise ships sail. Fortunately, we can see that cruise industry is becoming very aware of how equipment on cruise ships can help them comply with the rules and detect risks before something goes wrong.”

Green Instruments offers a range of products that can measure key environmental parameters such as NOx particles, CO2, and SOx content in exhaust gases, as well as PAH turbidity and pH in wash water in scrubber systems. This equipment is essential in ensuring compliance with relevant limit values and regulations for cruise ships. Additionally, the company’s leakage monitoring technology has garnered significant interest from cruise industry in recent years. This system detects oil leaks in the engine room, helping to prevent potential fires on board that could lead to environmental disasters, loss of life, and damage to the vessel.

Risk of large fines and bans on sailing.

According to Jeppe K. Moller, installing the equipment provided by Green Instruments can save cruise industry from incurring significant expenses. Failure to comply with regulations on emissions or inadequate documentation on board may result in hefty fines, or in the worst-case scenario, a ban on the ships’ sailing, which can be catastrophic for the companies involved. By investing in these technologies, cruise industry can ensure compliance with regulations and avoid potential financial and reputational losses.

But it is not only the risk of fines and bans on sailing that makes cruise industry prioritize sustainable sailing.

“They are genuinely committed to making cruise tourism more sustainable, and this has led to a productive collaboration with Green Instruments. We work closely with each cruise line to understand their unique requirements for equipment related to environmental monitoring, energy optimization, accident prevention, and regulatory compliance,” Jeppe K. Moller explains.

The requirements are particularly strict for sailing in areas that are extraordinarily environmental sensitive – for example, Alaska, which tourists want to experience because of its magnificent nature.

“Cruise ships often sail to vulnerable areas such as Alaska, where regulations have become increasingly stringent. To comply with these regulations, the industry requires equipment that enables them to demonstrate their adherence to rules easily. Moreover, it is crucial for cruise industry to have access to services engineers for maintenance wherever they are in the world. This underscores the importance of Green Instruments’ offerings, which are tailored to meet the needs of cruise industry operating in various locations worldwide,” Jeppe K. Moller highlights.

Green Instruments also develops solutions for smaller ships used on lakes and rivers, as there is also a need to ensure sustainable sailing.

Further, Green Instruments also offers a range of other products to cruise ships. Collaborating with UVD Robots, the company provides equipment that can help ship managers combat bacteria and viruses without using chemicals. This technology is especially useful in cases where guests on board are affected by airborne virus or surface resting stomach ‘bugs’ or similar illnesses. By offering these solutions, Green Instruments enables cruise ships to maintain a clean and healthy environment for their guests and crew, contributing to a more enjoyable and safe travel experience.
Source: Green Instruments

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