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IRI Vancouver and Qingdao: Strengthening the Bridge Between North America and Asia

The first Canadian office of International Registries, Inc. and its affiliates (IRI) has opened in Vancouver, British Columbia, led by Annie Ng, Head of Asia and Managing Director, Vancouver Office. IRI has also opened a new office in Qingdao to facilitate inspections and better serve clients in Northern China. As a Canadian citizen, opening an office in Vancouver is a natural fit for Annie. With over two decades of experience in Hong Kong and throughout Asia, Annie will remain the Head of Asia connecting the two regions.

Annie says it was the international shipowners in Asia with whom the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Registry works who encouraged the opening of a Canadian office. “Asian shipping companies have a growing presence in Vancouver, and the number of flag State inspections in Canada has risen for the past two years,” Annie said, “so this new office will be an essential bridge between North America and Hong Kong, and the rest of Asia.”

Like the Asian shipping companies, Annie also has one foot on each side of the Pacific. Annie obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of British Columbia and spent more than two decades working for IRI in Hong Kong.

Annie has expanded the Registry’s services and presence throughout Asia and noted that having a second office on the west coast of North America will allow IRI to handle an increasing number of inquiries regarding the RMI corporate and maritime services in local time.

“Vancouver, like all IRI offices, is full service. We can provide technical and corporate support, and handle flag State inspections in British Columbia,” Annie said.

The Registry’s focus on strengthening client service in Asia includes the newly opened Qingdao office, staffed with inspection resources to provide enhanced client service.

“Northern China has several busy ports where RMI vessels regularly trade. Being able to provide inspections via our Qingdao office is a most welcome benefit for RMI vessels calling these ports,” said Annie.

Captain Ming Chen, IRI’s Country Head – China, and based in Dalian, is excited about the new office openings in Vancouver and Qingdao. “The use of the RMI Registry has grown significantly in Asia since I joined the company in 2006 and it is clear that Asia will remain a shipping powerhouse as most of the manufacturing countries are in Asia.”

Captain Chen, who has over 24 years of maritime experience, including several years as a Master, added, “both of these offices will be of tremendous support for Asian owners and operators; Vancouver is a natural and historical link between North America and Asia.”

Annie notes that the link is not only good for the maritime side of the business, but also the corporate side. “We see excellent potential for the RMI Corporate Registry for non-shipping related professionals as well thanks to our Vancouver office,” she said.

IRI has always aimed to give clients the most client-friendly services. “All of our clients have access to the people in charge of their local IRI office,” Annie said. “They can get their problems and questions resolved and answered with one simple phone call. That’s a rarity in our current digital world.”

“Other than having to work two shifts to cover both local time and when our Asian offices open, I have no complaints at all!” Annie laughed. “I am very excited about what we can do through our new Vancouver and Qingdao offices for the entire Canadian shipping community and our clients in Asia.”
Source: International Registries Inc.

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