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Shipping must become green, but also remain safe

Danish Shipping has been working in recent weeks to establish guidelines for the new green fuels at the recent meeting of the UN International Maritime Organization, IMO. The process is lengthy, but progress is being made.

As ships are increasingly set to sail on new green fuels in the near future, it is important to have clear rules for their handling. Different types of fuels come with different challenges and risks when used on ships. What does it require in terms of ship design, tanks, etc., to safely use the green fuels on board?

Therefore, Danish Shipping has assisted Danish authorities with technical advice during a series of meetings in London at the IMO’s Sub-Committee on Carriage of Cargoes and Containers.

Nina Porst
Executive Director

Here, efforts are being made to establish international guidelines for the use of the new green fuels, which are essential to make the goal of climate-neutral shipping in 2050 a reality.

‘’The green transformation of the shipping industry requires vast amounts of green fuels. Fuels that in many cases are not yet available on the scale we need, but the ships also need to be prepared to use these fuels, as they must be handled in new ways on board. Therefore, there is a need for international guidelines for the use of these fuels, so that shipping in the future not only becomes green but also remains safe. It is an important priority for Danish Shipping to actively contribute to this process,” says Nina Porst, Director of Climate, Environment, and Safety at Danish Shipping.

Henrik Mogensen
Press and Communication Consultant

“The green transformation on the world’s seas requires both significant and ambitious political decisions as well as new advanced technical regulations and guidelines before the work towards climate-neutral shipping can be implemented in the daily operations of the maritime sector both at sea and on land. Danish Shipping is engaged at all levels of the process,” says Nina Porst.

At the meetings of IMO’s Sub-Committee, significant progress has been made in establishing guidelines for the use of hydrogen, and work has begun on developing guidelines for the use of ammonia. It is a work in progress, but good progress is being made.
Source: Danish Shipping

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